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    Tangible Memory
    (2023) Ren, Yi
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    Exhibition of "In Appearance"
    (2023) Rasmussen, Danika; Li, Ying
    This thesis explores how self-portraiture is used to embody gender identity and self-expression over time. Particularly focusing on my experience as a femme-presenting and cis-passing non-binary individual, these works seek to explore how I have existed and currently exist in a gender-non-conforming body, and how viewers respond to genderqueer presentation.
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    Sanctuaries in Paint
    (2023) Malatesta, Sophia; Li, Ying
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    Printmaking Thesis Exhibition images
    (2023) Biney, Irene; Kim, Hee Sook
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    Installation entitled "An Alternative Perspective"
    (2022) Singh, Shreya; Kim, Hee Sook
    While barriers remain in regular conversations– cultural, geographical, or language – photography reminds us how we are connected to others in a visual manner. Being born and brought up in the UAE, my connection to my ancestors stems from my memories of family discussions. My aunt often describes a particular room in the multi-generational home she and my mother grew up in Lucknow, India. Large, elaborate portraits on the walls documented the men in our family. In this project, I am providing an alternative perspective into our family history representing the women in my family. I believe it is equally as important, if not more so, to emphasize their presence in our family history.