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Number 23
(2023-05) Haverford College. Library
Examining the Impact of Neonatal Pain and Infection on Dopaminergic Function During Learning in Long Evans Rats
(2023) Hoffman, Dori; Robinson-Drummer, Patrese
Admission to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit may potentially result in early life trauma. The effects of early life stressors are associated with possible disruptions to the dopaminergic system, resulting in changes to adulthood aversion. Gomes and Barr (2020) simulated the NICU experience via pain and infection exposure on rodents; experimental groups were divided into exposure to pain, to infection, combined conditions, and a non-exposed control. Aversive behavior was measured in adulthood via Conditioned Place Aversion tasks, and brain samples were collected. In the current study, we stained for tyrosine hydroxylase to measure dopaminergic change in relation to early life trauma exposure. Due to their association with dopamine expression, the ventral tegmental area and substantia nigra were targeted for immunohistochemical analysis. In the substantia nigra, there were no significant changes in tyrosine hydroxylase expression between groups; however, tissue damage limited analysis of the ventral tegmental area. These results suggest tyrosine hydroxylase expression in the substantia nigra has no impact on early life pain and infection and their association with a change in aversive behaviors during adulthood.
Sound and Story: A recital on piano and harpsichord, with an original composition entitled "fluxing, quivering, transforming"
(2023) Zheng, Margin Tianya; Jacob, Heidi
On April 19, 2023, I performed a solo recital on piano and harpsichord, including works from a wide range of periods of classical music. One of the works was a composition I wrote in the fall semester, fluxing, quivering, transforming, for solo piano with extended techniques. In addition, I created a digital companion to the recital ( that contains program notes that provide historical background for the repertoire and explain the meaning of the works in relation to my musical and personal development.
"Franny: A Musical" for Two Voices and Piano
(2023) Hsiang, Emily; Arauco, Ingrid
“Franny: A Musical” is a one-act, twenty-minute musical written for two voices and piano, originally performed by Aviana Rivera ("Franny"), Joseph Correale ("Lane"), and Ting Ting Wong (piano). Based on J.D. Sallinger’s short story, “Franny” from his novella Franny and Zooey (1961), this new musical theater composition follows the changing romantic relationship of Franny and Lane over one tumultuous weekend visit.