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The purpose of Institutional Scholarship, the TriCollege Libraries Institutional Repository is to collect, describe, provide access to, and preserve the digital materials associated with the research and scholarship of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges as well as materials of historical value to the Colleges.

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  • Stephen Podowitz-Thomas (2019-01)
    Structure and bonding in molecules starting from nuclear and electronic structure of atoms. This course introduces the theories of chemical bonding that rationalize and predict the structures and bulk properties of molecules ...
  • Alex Norquist; Kelly Matz (2019-01)
    An introduction to chemical thermodynamics, equilibrium, electrochemistry and kinetics. Microscopic properties are used to develop basic chemical concepts of energy, enthalpy, entropy, and the Gibbs Energy, and their ...
  • Casey Longergan (2019-01)
  • Robert L. Broadrup (2019-01)
  • Marilyn Evans (2019-01)
    According to the ancient historian M. I. Finley, there have been only five genuine slave societies, and two of them were ancient: those of classical Greece and Rome (the other three are the United States, the Caribbean and ...

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