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  • Horwitz, Jason (2007)
    Results are presented from measurements of flow on spheromaks at the Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment. Mach probes of two different sizes, corresponding to two different methods of analysis, are used to make these flow ...
  • Chaplin, Vernon H. (2007)
    We present 1 μs time resolution calculations of the electron temperature of the Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment (SSX) plasma during magnetic reconnection. The non-LTE excitation kinematics code PrismSPECT is used to ...
  • Murchadha, Aongus O. (2005)
    An Ion Doppler Spectroscopy (IDS) diagnostic was used to measure the flow velocity and temperature of a plasma created by SSX-FRC. The diagnostic was based on the principles of Doppler spectroscopy, namely, that the ...
  • Yue, Dan (2005)
    Today, we find an increasing interest in Brownian motors - theoretical "thermal ratchets" that rectify random motion to do work. This interest stems not only from possible applications to cellular transport mechanisms ...
  • Landreman, Matt (2003)
    In plasma physics it is a commonly cited and often valid approximation that magnetic fieldlines are "frozen" to the plasma fluid. However, in certain situations in solar and astrophysics, as well as in fusion engineering, ...



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