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You Can't Spell Party without Art

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dc.contributor.advisor Baenziger, Markus
dc.contributor.advisor Kim, Hee Sook Loewi, Peter A. 2012-06-14T18:05:03Z 2012-06-14T18:05:03Z 2012
dc.description.abstract “Wanna play carpenter? First we’ll get hammered and then I’ll nail you!” The first time I ever lied to somebody and told them I wanted to be an architect, I had just been caught skateboarding in a construction site. I had fallen and my board had gone out through the unfinished walls, so I went downstairs to get it, when there came an angry voice from behind me “What are you doing in my house?!” I panicked, and the first things out of my mouth just so happened to be “I’m very interested in architecture, and I wanted to see how a house was built.” The man was then very nice to me, gave me a tour of his soon to be house, and then told me to be careful because construction sites are dangerous places. While I no longer skateboard, nor really care how luxury houses are built, I do like the space that skateparks create. The performer, performance, and audience are all in the same place. The only other space I can think of that does that are city streets. I love cities. They can simultaneously be aesthetically pleasing, as I try and show in my prints, as well as places for collaboration or competition, like my sculpture “You Can’t Spell Party Without Art”.
dc.description.sponsorship Haverford College. Department of Fine Arts
dc.title You Can't Spell Party without Art
dc.type Thesis
dc.rights.access Open Access
dc.type.dcmi PhysicalObject
dc.type.dcmi StillImage
dc.subject.aat prints (visual works)
dc.subject.aat installations (visual works)

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