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  • Galetta, Michael (2011)
  • Yulo, Nic (2011)
  • Untitled 
    Smith, Candice (2011)
  • Untitled 
    Kirilova, Val (2011)
  • Untitled 
    Wang, Angela (2011)
  • LeBouvier, Julia (2011)
  • Untitled 
    Salazar, Samantha (2011)
  • Tulsyan, Antara (2012)
    When I work on my art I enter a place of retreat, a meditative zone blocking out everything else. My art is a reflection of my feelings and moods that I cannot express in any other way. When I look at my sculptures, the ...
  • Untitled 
    Seto, Katharine (2012)
    Art is like a person—organic, complex, and emotional. Art’s differences cannot be defined by intellectual labels that only loosely describe what a viewer sees or feels in a piece of art. Only the artist has a full understanding ...
  • Loewi, Peter A. (2012)
    “Wanna play carpenter? First we’ll get hammered and then I’ll nail you!” The first time I ever lied to somebody and told them I wanted to be an architect, I had just been caught skateboarding in a construction site. I had ...
  • Untitled 
    Power, Kelsey (2012)
    I recognize a certain irony in illustration as an art form because its existence and inspiration are predicated on the written word. Though I believe art points to beauty and must stand on its own, my work strives to analyze ...
  • Appel, Jonathan G. (2012)
    My short film “The Story of Frank” is an adaptation and alteration of a story that I wrote in the spring of 2010. I was a beginner in animation, so the production of this project was a process of constant learning, trial, ...
  • Sanchez, Christine (2012)
    Graffiti, in its most common form—name tagging—has always been a part of my life. In middle school, my classmates always tagged things—desks, walls, backpacks, sneakers, and so on. They scribbled down their thoughts wherever ...
  • Untitled 
    FitzPatrick, Kerry (2013)
    Using a language that has been heavily conditioned by the overwhelming visual stimuli characteristic of modern technology, I attempt to reinterpret iconography and mythology that has become somewhat trite and perhaps even ...
  • Schwartz, Shayna (2013)
    What do you think about when asked about your future? What worries you most about the future? What gives you hope about the future? Is there a part of your past that influences your future? Was there a particular moment ...
  • Untitled 
    Cohen-Carroll, Natasha (2013)
    When I was young, I loved playing with my grandmother’s elbow skin; I was fascinated by the way in stayed in place, its elasticity, and the beautiful purple and green color of her veins. Her arm became a place of exploration ...
  • Untitled 
    Benjamin, Anna (2013)
    In the Islamic arts, color and shape are used extensively to fill a space with beauty and decoration. Geometric patterns are incorporated into every aspect of the design: walls, floors, ceilings, tiles, furniture and fabric. ...
  • Nunez, Erika (2013)
    I am for an art that will say I existed, that I was here. I am for an art that upsets and excites and makes you squirm a little from both. I am for an art that forgives the girls who broke my heart. I am for an art that ...
  • Hernández, Vanessa (2013)
    The myth of the island Patmos of Greece (originally “Letois”, after Artemis, the daughter of Leto) is used as a metaphor in Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s Primero Sueño. According to the myth, Selene (the moon goddess), in ...



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