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  • Schwartz, Shayna (2013)
    What do you think about when asked about your future? What worries you most about the future? What gives you hope about the future? Is there a part of your past that influences your future? Was there a particular moment ...
  • Méndez Alba, Jennifer (2017)
    Memories are strongly linked to places, and homes represent a refuge for most. I’ve spent part of every year in the Dominican Republic. My family home there has served as a protective and peaceful place set apart from where ...
  • Loewi, Peter A. (2012)
    “Wanna play carpenter? First we’ll get hammered and then I’ll nail you!” The first time I ever lied to somebody and told them I wanted to be an architect, I had just been caught skateboarding in a construction site. I had ...
  • Lewis, Zoë (2017)
    Growing up, I always admired the natural beauty of my home state of South Carolina. The variety of ecosystems across the state, from the coastal waterways up through the Piedmont Mountains, provides a variety of homes for ...



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