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    Perpetual Peace Project Kickoff Lecture
    (2011-02-10) Levy, Aaron, 1977-; Rauchbauer, Martin; Lambert, Gregg, 1961-
    The Perpetual Peace Project, inspired and named after Immanuel Kant’s treatise, is predicated on the belief that no one institution or individual can clearly claim or guarantee a mastery of the concept of peace. Today, as in Kant's time, the concept of peace remains abstract and continues to be defined negatively as an absence of war. For this reason, the project takes on initiatives within multiple institutions, to create the conditions for proposing yet again the idea of peace. The project is not attempting to formulate public policy actively; rather to conceptualize a peace movement, raising questions about how such a movement might occur. This project can be understood through Kant's notion of 'publicity;' its many forums enable us to move conversations in different directions with multiple perspectives. Eventually, this conversation must include everyone, since no one can claim to have absolute knowledge concerning the idea of peace.
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    An Evening With John Carlos : Olympic Medalist and Civil Rights Icon
    (2012-09-28) Carlos, John, 1945-
    John Carlos, bronze medalist in the 200-meter sprint at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, made waves across the world upon raising a black-gloved fist on the medal stand, in silent protest of racism and economic injustice among oppressed people across the United States. Carlos and fellow medalist Tommie Smith were banned from the Olympic Village, removed from the U.S. Olympic Team, and received death threats upon their arrival home. Despite a lengthy struggle, Carlos became a symbol of strength in the American civil rights movement, and an icon for future generations.
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    Nyaya Health: Working for Health Equity in Rural Nepal
    (2011-04-14) Acharya, Bibhav
    Bibhav Acharya (HC '06), Executive Vice President of Nyaya Health, discusses how Nyaya Health, a unique group of public health experts and healthcare providers, has partnered with the Nepali Government to renovate and operate a rural hospital in Achham, a remote district in Nepal, as well as how its model of healthcare delivery could help other places affected by poverty, isolation, war, and neglect.