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  • Vecsey, Christopher G. (Swarthmore College, 2014-02-04)
    Chris Vecsey is a visiting professor in the biology department, teaching courses in neurobiology, sleep and circadian rhythms, epigenetics, and cell biology. He has studied the molecular mechanisms of memory formation and ...
  • Lakey, George (Swarthmore College, 2007-03-29)
    "We live in a breakthrough period for 'nonviolent struggle,' when pro-democracy movements are using it to overthrow dictators and human rights advocates are using it to save lives during civil unrest," Lakey says. "My ...
  • Sakomura, Tomoko (Swarthmore College, 2010-09-29)
    Assistant Professor of Art and Art History Tomoko Sakomura examines a pair of 17th-century Japanese folding screens and the imaginary portraits of 36 "immortal poets." These portraits have long had a place within the visual ...
  • Rehak, Bob (Robert John) (Swarthmore College, 2012-01-26)
  • May Day 
    Unknown author (Swarthmore, Pa.: Swarthmore College, 1928, 1928)
  • Roberts, C (Swarthmore, Pa.: C. Roberts, 1936, 1936)
  • Roberts, C (Swarthmore, Pa.: C. Roberts, 1934, 1934)
  • Ratzman, Elliot A. (Swarthmore College, 2013-01-21)
    Elliot Ratzman, Visiting Professor in the Department of Religion, will be the keynote speaker at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day luncheon. King the activist was informed by King the scholar. The speeches, sermons, and ...
  • Shayne Lightner '87
  • Zucker, Matthew A. (Swarthmore College, 2013-06)
    During Alumni Weekend 2013, Assistant Professor of Engineering Matt Zucker discussed what teaching at Swarthmore has taught him about research, learning, and robotics.
  • Durgin, Frank H. (Swarthmore College, 2007-04-10)
    What is perception for? Here Frank Durgin argues that perceptual systems work very hard to improve the precision of perceptual discrimination -- to the point that the metric accuracy of perception is often sacrificed in ...
  • Berger, Ben, 1968- (Swarthmore College, 2015-03-03)
    Professors, pundits, politicians, and (college) presidents often insist that schools, including colleges, should produce better citizens. But that well-meaning insistence may be led by fuzzy thinking. Too often, proponents ...
  • Graves, Amy Lisa (Swarthmore College, 2013-09-12)
    Professor of Physics Amy Graves discusses what it means for a system to be "jammed."
  • Anderson, Nathalie, 1948- (Swarthmore College, 2011-09-05)
    "I think every book of poems tells a story," says Professor of English Literature Nathalie Anderson. Here, she reads (5:10) from Quiver, her latest collection. "I think of this one as balanced between loss and consolation," ...
  • Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara, 1944- (Swarthmore College, 2014-11-01)
    Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot ’66, a MacArthur prize-winning sociologist and distinguished professor of education at Harvard University, will deliver this year’s McCabe Lecture “On Goodness in Education: Disrupting the Discourse.” ...
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1974, 1974)
  • Schofield, Lynne Steuerle (Swarthmore College, 2012-10-09)
    Prof. Lynne Schofield's talk examines public reaction to the proposed changes to Pennsylvania's K-12 high-stakes assessment policy. She and her students examine the characteristics of different school districts, individuals' ...
  • Burke, Timothy, 1964- (Swarthmore College, 2015-02-10)
    Counterfactuals are studies of might-have-beens, events that could have happened. Counterfactual thinking has an important place in human cognition and behavior and is accordingly studied by some psychologists. There are ...
  • Holliday, Alison E. (Swarthmore College, 2014-04-08)
    In this talk, Alison discusses the properties and uses of pesticides, exploring the controversies of their use. She also discusses her research on measuring the accumulation and break-down of pesticides in the environment.
  • Thompson, Stanford (Swarthmore College, 2014-11-05)



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