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And If you Cease (to attack), It will be Better for you

Show simple item record al-Baghdadi, Abu Omar 2010-07-07T12:37:37Z 2007-09-08 2007-09-08
dc.description Producer: al Furqan
dc.description Audience: Iraqi Kurds, Iraqi Muslims, Sunnis
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher World Analysis
dc.subject Afghanistan -- Sectarianism
dc.subject al-Qaeda -- Jihadi strategy, Martyr, Power Relationship, Regional issue
dc.subject Borders -- Plundering of Muslim wealth, Colonialism
dc.subject Ethno-nationalism -- Apostasy, Reward/Punishment
dc.subject Fitna -- Impossibility of peace, Hypocrisy, Heretical, Sectarianism
dc.subject Ibn Taymiyyah -- Muslim unity, Division
dc.subject Iraq -- Occupied, Apostate regime, Collaborating with Infidels, al-wala wal-bara
dc.subject Islamic State of Iraq -- Regional issue, Religious relations, Status of jihad
dc.subject Kurds -- Historical reference, Defamation, Agent of United States, Sin, Violation of women's honor, Apostasy
dc.subject Lebanon -- Agent of the West, Oppression of Muslims
dc.subject Palestine -- Occupied
dc.subject Secularism -- Agent of United States
dc.subject Shiites -- Apostasy, Historical reference, Plundering of Muslim wealth, End occupation of Muslim lands, Conspiracy, Corruption, Distanced from Islamic ideals, Reward/Punishment, Oppression of Muslims, Sectarianism, Religious relations, Violation of women's honor, Agent of United States, Agent of Iran
dc.subject Ulema -- Apostasy, Hypocrisy, Illegitimate
dc.subject Youth -- Call to Islam, Duty of jihad, Martyr
dc.title And If you Cease (to attack), It will be Better for you en
dc.type Audio transcript en

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