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Jihadist Website Publishes Links to New Abu-Umar al-Baghdadi Speech

Show simple item record al-Baghdadi, Abu Omar 2010-06-17T18:07:50Z 2007-12-05 2007-12-04
dc.description Producer: al Furqan
dc.description Distributor: al Fajr
dc.description Audience: Muslims
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher World News Connection, National Technical Information Service
dc.subject al-Qaeda -- Change in policy
dc.subject al-wala wal-bara -- Historical reference
dc.subject Apostate -- Tribalism, Distanced from Islamic ideals, Counterislamic propaganda, Choose Islam or infidelity, Collaborating with infidels, Duty of jihad, Target for attack
dc.subject Awakening Councils -- Establishment of, Betrayal, Collaborating with infidels, Agent of United States, Target for attack
dc.subject Borders -- Incompatibility with Islam, Muslim unity
dc.subject Hamas -- Collaborating with infidels
dc.subject Historical context -- Apostasy
dc.subject Hosni Mubarak -- Agent of Israel
dc.subject Iran -- Enemy of Islam
dc.subject Islamic State of Iraq -- Establishment of, Martyr, Growing in strength
dc.subject Jihad -- Refusal to compromise, Call to Islam, Rules of jihad, Duty of jihad, Financial support, Tribalism, Muslim unity
dc.subject Jizya -- Refusal to compromise
dc.subject Mahdi Army -- Enemy of Islam, Oppression of Muslims, Plundering Muslim wealth, Agent of Iran
dc.subject Muhammed Ibn-Abd-al-Wahhab -- Collaborating with infidels, Religious vigilance
dc.subject Majahideen -- Martyr
dc.subject Suicide bombing -- Jihadi strategy, Outcome of jihad
dc.subject United States -- Defamation, Secularism, Plundering of Muslim resources, Human rights, Hypocrisy
dc.title Jihadist Website Publishes Links to New Abu-Umar al-Baghdadi Speech en
dc.title.alternative For the Scum Disappears Like Froth Cast Out
dc.type Audio Transcript en

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