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  • Lane, Mary (2012)
    There are many English loans in German, which fall under the categories of (i) phonetic and semantic borrowings (e.g., Computer 'computer', downloaden 'to download'), (ii) phonetic borrowings (e.g., Handy 'cell phone', ...
  • Ryan, Kelsey (2014)
    J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings and other Middle Earth tales as well as Oxford professor of linguistics, constructed over 14 languages in the development of the background of his stories. This thesis will ...
  • St. Amour, Louise (2012)
    Because of a complex system of participant-verb agreement, the Lenape verb has a fascinating role in the structure of a sentence. Not only does the verb contain enough information about the nominal elements in the sentence ...
  • Knowles, Rebecca (2012)
    Vowel harmony, a phonological pattern in which vowels within a given domain are required to agree in properties such as tongue position or lip rounding, is a fascinating and fairly widespread phenomenon in the world's ...



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