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  • Dougherty, Andy W. (2014)
    Many studies have examined the effects of musical soundtracks on films and demonstrated that music can bias the emotional impact of an accompanying film and provide an interpretative framework for the visual material. Few ...
  • Bissey, Bryn (2014)
    Numerous studies have investigated the effects of musical soundtracks on films. The purpose of the present research was to examine the reciprocal relationship: the effect of visual information on the perception of music. ...
  • Stevenson, Brittany M. (2014)
    There have been a number of studies that have analyzed the effects that a musical soundtrack has on one's interpretation of a film. More specifically, previous research has shown that music has the ability to affect the ...
  • Field, Ben (2007)
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the visual modality on the affective and acoustical perception of music. Prior research has focused largely on the reverse—the effect of music on visual perception. ...
  • Montañez, Danielle (2014)
    As music becomes more integrated with film it is becoming more important to understand the effects of videos on the way a listener experiences music. The current study asked participants to listen to eight songs that were ...



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