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  • Wild, Mollie R. (2017)
    Here, I discuss the history and origin of name signs in American Sign Language from their first appearances in the early 19th century (Supalla 1992:23) to present day. Most name signs in American Sign Language are fully ...
  • Swarthmore College. Library (Swarthmore College, 2004-02-09)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2006-04-03)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2015-04-26)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2006-04-10)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2005-04-25)
  • Walker, Alden (2007)
    Natural language communication with robots has obvious uses in almost all areas of life. Computer-based natural language interaction is an active area of research in Computational Linguistics and AI. While there have been ...
  • Corder, Julie (2003)
    This thesis explores the nature of the categorization of predicates in American Sign Language (ASL). In particular, the distinction between directional and nondirectional predicates is examined. For some types of verbs, ...
  • Freeman, Jennifer (1998)
    It is my intention to argue in favor of a polyglot society, in which cultural groups such as the Navajo are allowed and encouraged to operate within and without multiple linguistic codes. Particularly in the case of ...
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2015-04-12)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2014-11-16)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2009-12-06)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2014-03-20)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2012-04-15)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2012-11-25)
  • D'Angio, Sara (2007)
    Negative polarity items are words or phrases usually associated with a negative licenser, such as the word ever, licensed by don't, in I don't think that I've ever been so surprised, In unmarked sentences, the negative ...
  • Neighbors 
    Han, Patrick; Morell, Sara (Swarthmore College, 2014-09-12)
    This month on War News Radio, “Neighbors.” We collect a wide variety of voices on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. First we hear from Aladdin Attari, a 25-year old Palestinian-Jordanian engineer residing in Saudi Arabia, ...
  • Netflix 
    Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2009-09-06)



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