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  • Peters, Nathaniel (2007)
    Verlan is a language game that has long existed in France, but became widely-used by youth from the banlieues, the French suburban “ghetto,” in the 1970s. It reverses a Standard French word to produce a new form that ...
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2011-04-17)
  • Mizead, Abdulla; Hagar, Emily (Swarthmore College, 2010-02-19)
    This week on War News Radio, The question of debaathification has dominated most of Iraq’s parliamentary campaign. But for many, that’s not the top issue. We speak with a candidate who hopes to use his seat to battle ...
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1928, 1928)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, n.d, 2010-10-24)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1934, 1934)
    Scenes of the Greek gods' game, Freshman Week, etc., 1934
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, ca.1974, 1974)
    Scenes from the programs of Swarthmore College's Folk Dance Club probably in 1972 and 1973
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore, Pa.: Swarthmore College, 1936-1937, 1936-1937)
    Founders' Day, tree planting, May Day, sports including football, soccer, basketball, track, etc. Gene Sarazen giving exhibition. Band crowd scenes, at football and soccer games, cheerleaders. Soccer at Haverford including ...
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, ca. 1976, 1976)
    Scenes of the Swarthmore College campus, probably of Parent's Day, 1976
  • Miller, Cay (2003)
    This thesis will examine the history of television in Australia, the invasion of American media, Australian views towards this trend, and the situation of American media in Australia today. There will be a short explanation ...
  • Duke, Nell K. (1993)
    A compendium of factors point to a need for both academic and professional attention to Black English in early writing. First, recent trends in literacy education emphasize writing as an integral part of emergent literacy. ...
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2015-03-22)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore, Pa. : Swarthmore College, 1985, 1985)
    Performance of resident and guest college vocal groups in Lang Concert Hall concert hall on November 16, 1985 original copy.
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2013-09-22)
  • Talia Young '01; Tim Stewart-Winter '01; Adrian Daub '02 (2000)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2006-03-27)
  • Zhao, Alan (Swarthmore College, 2011-02-25)
    First, we hear from an Australian manager for an Afghan development agency. Then, we look at the implications of Muqtada Al Sadr’s return to Iraq. Finally, we talk with a US Army sergeant about a Youtube video that he ...
  • Swarthmore College. Library (Swarthmore College, 2004-04-18)



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