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  • Amadeo, Peter (2015)
    In the past, Paley lab has focused on the diastereoselective synthesis of spiroketals using sulfinyl ironeD) tricarbonyl diene complexes. This research has extended to study the formation of bis-spiroketals. As valuable ...
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2008-09-15)
  • Kato, Lisa (Swarthmore College, 2016-04-07)
    This week, War News Radio’s Eduard Saakashvili interviewed Natalia Antelava and Ilan Greenberg about the creation of a new website changing how journalists report on global crises, Coda Story, focusing on delving deeper ...
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2011-03-20)
  • Kim, Rosanna; Ramirez, Gabriel (Swarthmore College, 2010-04-09)
    We’ll learn about an Afghan program that takes a new approach to reconstruction aid. Rosanna Kim reports. Then, we’ll hear about the controversy surrounding Iraq’s census. Gabriel Ramirez has the story. Finally, we’ll ...
  • Sariahmed, Karim; Crawford, Emily; Tucktuck, Marina (Swarthmore College, 2010-08-27)
    This week on War News Radio, we take a look at young Iraqis’ struggle to find work. Karim Sariahmed reports. Then, we hear from American soldiers about how they keep themselves entertained and release stress during their ...
  • Arestad, Zachary (2017)
    In this thesis, I examine the multiple and competing conceptions of authenticity used by country musicians and critics to make claims to “the real;” as well as the kinds of aesthetic, social, and political impacts those ...
  • Jensen, Eric L. N. (Swarthmore College, 2014-03-04)
    Eric's talk explains what role a small telescope can play in big science, and what these new planets may help us learn about other solar systems.
  • Hamza, Nadeen (2015)
    Dislabeled: Mislabeled and Disabled- two words that Malagasy Deaf individuals have used in this project to describe themselves and the struggles of their community. This project explores dynamics between the mainstream ...
  • Bisgaard-Church, Elliana; Russell, Stuart (Swarthmore College, 2011-08-26)
    This Week on War News Radio: Disrupting Conventions. We hear about this year’s protests in Iraq and how they fit into the Arab Spring as a whole. Then, we learn about a British rights group that has filed litigation against ...
  • Ghilarducci, Teresa (Swarthmore College, 2014-10-21)
    This talk, which will focus mostly on Social Security and pension funding, aims to generate critical thinking about who, why, and when does "inter-generational equity" get evoked in political economy debate.
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2006-01-23)
  • Fawcett, Alexia Zandra (2012)
    This paper looks to investigate the intersection between the disciplines of anthropology, linguistics, and cognitive science through the discussion of documentation projects and documenting spatial language. In focusing ...
  • Wittenberg, Chole; Batten, Caroline (Swarthmore College, 2011-03-18)
    This week on War News Radio: First, Gary Mortensen’s 2007 film, This is War: Memories of Iraq, was critically acclaimed for focusing on the soldiers’ perspectives. Mortensen’s new documentary, Shepherds of Helmand, uses ...
  • Mizell, Don (Swarthmore College, 2014-06-07)
    For the first time in its history, Swarthmore College is the proud recipient of a Grammy Award. It comes to the College courtesy of Don Mizell '71, winner of the 2005 Grammy for Album of the Year. The annual Album of the ...
  • Stiehm, Jamie (Swarthmore College, 2014-06-06)
    Journalist and scholar Stiehm gave a talk, "Dont Be Fooled by the Bonnet: Lucretia Mott and Her Radical Vision."
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2004-09-13)
  • Unknown author (Swarthmore College, 2005-05-02)



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