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  • Giselle Roman-Medina (2019-01)
    En este curso, los estudiantes reflexionarán sobre nociones culturales entorno al trabajo y al ocio, prestando especial atención a proyectos literarios y autoriales contemporáneos anclados en historicidades latinoamericanas. ...
  • Ariana Huberman (2019-01)
    This course is the second part of the introduction to the Spanish language. Both parts of Elementary Spanish need to be taken consecutively in one school year. The goal for this course is to achieve a basic level of ...
  • Lina Martinez Hernandez (2019-01)
    In this class we will learn how to learn from each other. Interdepence, understood as the co-existence of our autonomy and our dependence on others to have a meaningful life journey, will be our guiding principle. How can ...



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