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East Asian Languages and Cultures

East Asian Languages and Cultures


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  • Hank Glassman (2019-01)
    This is a course on the sort of Buddhism known as Zen in Japanese. Also known as Chan, Seon, and Thien respectively in the East Asian cultures of China, Korea, and Vietnam. (Below, we will call it by the familiar name of ...
  • Chi Zhang (2019-01)
    This course introduces you to various strange beings, places, and relationships that are represented in works written in premodern China and Japan, which are usually categorized as the supernatural by modern readers. Within ...
  • Anna-Alexandra Fodde-Reguer (2019-01)
    This course is designed to introduce students to the general history of Daoism, one of the most important religions in China. Through a critical examination of primary texts, students will be exposed to the development of ...



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