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  • Shu-wen Wang (2018-09)
    Stressors and their subjective experience – stress – are a part of everyday life, whether minor or major, acute or chronic. How one copes with stress has substantial influence on one’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and ...
  • Rebecca Compton (2018-09)
    Examines methodologies used to study the neural basis of higher mental functions in humans. Students will gain hands-on experience with electrophysiological (EEG/ERP) recording methods and will develop and implement projects ...
  • Rebecca Compton (2018-09)
    Examines the neural basis of higher mental functions, including brain systems supporting vision, object recognition, attention, memory, spatial functions, language, emotion and decision-making. Major themes include mind/brain ...
  • Shu-wen Wang (2018-09)
    Why do people think, feel, and act the way they do? How do we best understand, explain, and predict human thought and behavior? This course addresses these questions and provides an introduction to the scientific study of ...
  • Elizabeth A. Gordon (2018-09)
    Welcome! This course surveys the major forms of emotional and behavioral disorders including their definition, etiology, and treatment. We will use an integrative approach, drawing from biological, psychological, and ...



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