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  • Zachary Oberfield (2018-09)
    This course has three main goals: 1) helping you gain a deeper understanding of how public policy is made; 2) introducing you to policy analysis – the art and science of providing problem-solving advice; and 3) teaching ...
  • Zachary Oberfield (2018-09)
    This course will introduce you to the American political system and the core theories that seek to explain how it operates. We will cover basic information, like what powers Congress and the president have, as well as ...
  • Paulina Ochoa Espejo (2018-09)
    Political institutions make special demands on us. They demand that we accept the decisions of elected officials, that we pay taxes, that we obey the law. We often comply without even thinking about it, but sometimes the ...
  • Michael T. Smith (2018-09)
    This course provides students with introductory instruction in international relations and the processes of global governance. This is, therefore, a ‘survey’ course, in which students are introduced to a broad set of ...
  • Susanna Wing (2018-09)
    The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the major issues, themes and theories in the politics of contemporary sub-Saharan Africa. Throughout this course it is important that we understand the complexities ...



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