Institutional Scholarship

Peace, Justice and Human Rights

Peace, Justice and Human Rights


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  • Shannon Wheatley Hartman (2018-09)
    This course operates at the intersections of global citizenship (a form of cosmopolitanism) and migrant rights. In its most basic form, cosmopolitanism is about fixing the messy world that we live in. As cosmopolitan ...
  • Jill Stauffer (2018-09)
    This is an interdisciplinary capstone course meant to consolidate student experience of a program that integrates scholarship, theory, policy perspectives, and library, field and lab research. The course will be oriented ...
  • Jill Stauffer (2018-09)
    This seminar will pose questions of how law and time intersect, focusing on cases where changing our understanding of time might help law do better, or changing our idea of law might help us understand what is at stake in ...



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