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  • Gabriel Sessions (2018-09)
    Poets, critics, novelists, painters, and ordinary people chronicled Auden’s “low dishonest decade” of the 1930s, one perhaps more like our own time than any in the last hundred years. It was a decade ejected from a great ...
  • Sarah Wilma Watson (2018-09)
    This course explores popular fiction aimed at women, a genre frequently described as "chick lit." During the semester we will read both chick lit “classics” and works which adapt or trouble the definition of the genre. We ...
  • Gabriel Sessions (2018-09)
    The British novel is perhaps the novel’s most paradigmatic type, since its inception and maturity in the nineteenth century. The twentieth century, however, prompts the most interesting questions about the genre of the ...
  • Sarah Wilma Watson (2018-09)
    How do medieval texts talk about the body? How do medieval bodies talk? This course introduces medieval literature and culture through the lens of “body talk.” We will explore gendered bodies and their voices in lyric ...



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