Recent Submissions

  • Stuart, Jessica (2018-01)
    This course will focus on materials and electrochemical processes for renewable energy technologies. Initially, we will discuss climate change and the need for alternative renewable energies. We will build a foundation ...
  • Akerfeldt, Karin (2018-01)
  • Yang, Yang (2018-01)
    Due to the increasing accessibility of powerful computing facilities and maturity of molecular modeling software, computer modeling simulations in chemistry, biochemistry, materials science and physics have migrated from ...
  • Scarrow, Rob (2018-01)
    Biological cells require metals such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese, and molybdenum; metal-binding abilities of various functional groups within proteins and nucleic acids, metal-based reactivity involved in reaction ...
  • Stuart, Jessica (2018-01)
  • Yang, Yang (2018-01)
  • Akerfeldt, Karin; Stuart, Jessica (2018-01)
  • Broadrup, Robert L. (2018-01)
  • Yang, Yang (2018-01)
    This course presents a survey of the basic principles involved in the study of chemistry and their applications in everyday life. Topics range from introductions of fundamental chemistry concepts, such as atomic structures, ...
  • Podowitz-Thomas, Stephen (2018-01)
  • Schrier, Joshua; Lindell, Suzanne (2018-01)
    Statistically-derived equilibrium thermodynamics including enthalpy, entropy, and free energy, chemical equilibria (acid/base, solubility, phase changes, osmosis), electrochemistry (including redox chemistry), kinetics ...