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  • McKeever, Matthew (2017-09)
    This course explores the state of contemporary sociological research through a close reading of books published in the past 2-3 years that have garnered some acclaim within the discipline. The books we will read are all ...
  • Herrala, Elise (2017-09)
  • McKeever, Matthew (2017-09)
    Before one can practice sociology, it’s necessary to get a sense of the foundations on which the discipline is constructed. This course is designed to provide this. It more specifically examines the development of sociological ...
  • Herrala, Elise (2017-09)
    Why do we buy what we do? And what do our purchases say about us? Consumption encompasses more than an autonomous, isolated act of swiping a credit card to make a purchase. Rather, it is a central part of life that shapes ...



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