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  • Binder, Carola; Jilani, Saleha; Owens, David (2017-09)
    The senior thesis experience at Haverford College is meant to be the culmination of a 4 year educational process. This process aims to develop students’ scholarly interests while challenging them to become independent ...
  • Parameswaran, Giri (2017-09)
    This course introduces students to advanced mathematical tools that are commonly used in economic analysis. The first half develops these tools, whilst the second half whilst the second half explores their applications. ...
  • Owens, David (2017-09)
    Behavioral Economics is a field of study based on the belief that economic models should use assumptions that are as reflective as possible of human behavior. In the course, we will relax the assumptions of canonical ...
  • Ball, Richard (2017-09)
  • Owens, David (2017-09)
  • Jilani, Saleha (2017-09)



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