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"Du Shiniang Sinks Her Jewel Box in Anger": A Story to Defend Folk Literature

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dc.contributor.advisor Kwa, Shiamin Yan, Binglei 2016-08-15T16:05:29Z 2016-08-15T16:05:29Z 2016
dc.description Binglei Yan was a Bryn Mawr College student.
dc.description.abstract This thesis takes a look at one of the short stories in Feng Menglong's Sanyan collection, "Du Shiniang Sinks Her Jewel Box in Anger." Written during the late Ming dynasty, the story has been typically analyzed by present-day scholars as a political allegory or as a lesson to teach qing, a term which translated alternately as "passions," "love," or "romantic sentiments" in English. Based on the background that the archaic elite literature was advocated through the Ming literary movement called "the restoration of the past" and Feng Menglong, as a follower of key anti-archaists like Wang Yanming, Li Zhi, and Yuan Hongdao, emphasized authentic feelings and spontaneity in literature, this thesis argues that in "Du Shiniang Sinks Her Jewel Box in Anger," Feng Menglong metaphorically defended folk literature by defending Du Shiniang. Through examining the ways in which Feng Menglong praised the courtesan Du Shiniang's spontaneous and sincere nature that embodied in her xia (chivalry) and qing characteristics in the story, it becomes clear that Feng Menglong advocated folk literature as what should be extolled in the late Ming. The thesis concludes by recommending that this Feng Menglong's story is possibly a forerunner of a growing genre in the Qing dynasty which makes it worth for further researches.
dc.description.sponsorship Bi-College (Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges). Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
dc.language.iso eng
dc.title "Du Shiniang Sinks Her Jewel Box in Anger": A Story to Defend Folk Literature
dc.type Thesis
dc.rights.access Open Access

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