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The Influence of Physical Attractiveness in Pre-Employment Selection Decisions

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dc.contributor.advisor Le, Benjamin LoSardo, Dan 2014-09-10T13:05:33Z 2014-09-10T13:05:33Z 2014
dc.description.abstract Empirical research has demonstrated a robust bias in favor of physically attractive individuals such that attractive individuals are often assumed to possess positive personality traits, and superior abilities (Dion et al., 1972; Eagly et al., 1991: Feingold, 1992; Jackson et al., 1995; Langlois et al., 2000). This is sometimes identified as the "What is Beautiful is Good" stereotype (Dion et al., 1972), or as a physical attractiveness (PA) halo effect, and has been demonstrated in numerous contexts such as teachers' judgments of students, jury judgments in simulated trials, and voter preferences for political candidates (Shahani-Denning, 2003). Additionally, in the area of pre-employment decision-making, PA has been shown to influence judgments of job candidates across areas such as ratings of perceived job qualification, recommended starting salary, and likelihood of being hired (Cash et al., 1977; Dipboye et al., 1975; Dipboye et al., 1977; Morrow, 1990; Shahani-Denning, 2003; Stevenage & Mckay, 1999). This paper aims to explore the mechanisms behind the PA stereotype in general, and within the context of pre-employment decision-making. To conclude, a model will be presented outlining the role, and significance of PA within pre-employment selection processes, and the fairness of using candidate PA as a job-relevant variable will be assessed.
dc.description.sponsorship Haverford College. Department of Psychology
dc.language.iso eng
dc.subject.lcsh Employee screening -- Psychological aspects
dc.subject.lcsh Physical-appearance-based bias
dc.title The Influence of Physical Attractiveness in Pre-Employment Selection Decisions
dc.type Thesis
dc.rights.access Open Access

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