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  • Vespers 
    Walter, Micah John (2014)
    Vespers is unmistakably inspired by liturgy. The title alone simply denotes an evening service of prayer; in this case, the text and structure are drawn from an Eastern-rite vespers service. On the other hand, I wished to ...
  • Abaya, Miriam (2014)
    "The Voices" is a German song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano. I found a set of poems by Rainer Maria Rilke whose haunting stories and imagery captivated me. "The Voices" contains one introductory poem and nine other ...
  • Ordiway, George (2016)
  • Burke, Andrew (2014)
    Who Speaks for the Gods? is a song cycle based on a course I took as a student at Millsaps College with Dr. James E. Bowley. The class dealt with the issue of interpreting ancient religious texts and how different religious ...



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