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  • The Novel 
    Mohan, Rajeswari (2017-01)
    This course is a survey of the British novel in the 20th C, during which radical transformations were wrought in conventions of realism, characterization, plot, and narration. Texts include novels by Conrad, Woolf, Joyce, ...
  • Pryor, Jaclyn (2017-01)
    An examination of the uses of performance theory for reading 19th, 20th, and 21st- century American literature. This course uses performance theory, which grapples with questions of embodiment, eventfulness, gesture, ...
  • Jay Lunden (2018-09)
    The primary objective of this course is to gain a broad understanding of the mechanisms by which plants, animals, and ecosystems are responding to global change and to appreciate the links between physical, chemical, and ...
  • Mohan, Rajeswari (2017-01)
    This course will focus on writings by women from a range of postcolonial societies, and examine the ways they intervene in and energize aesthetic and political discourses that critique gender arrangements. In particular, ...
  • Finley, Stephen (2017-01)
    Texts mostly 19th and 20th c. American, beginning with Thoreau. Topics: cultural production of landscape (rural and urban), environmental history, place studies, ecology. Visual resources: American landscape painting, and ...



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