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  • Park, Minseo; Lamberty, Zach (2018)
    Nanotechnology, especially that involving hydraulic or fluid flows, is promising to revolutionize the field of medicine and scientific research. Lab on a Chip devices and DNA microarrays are promising technology for ...
  • Liu, Ruisen (Eric) (2015)
    This project explores the design and implementation of walking patterns for humanoid robots. This report presents a brief introduction to human walking and the exploration of two walking pattern generation techniques for ...
  • Miller, Julius (2019)
    A custom-made wearable electronics jacket prototype was assembled that incorporated an interconnected array of LEDs to administer therapeutic effects for individuals who could not have access to a traditional clinic to ...
  • Liang, Hongliang (Joe) (2013)
    Using two 16cm diameter coils tuned to resonant frequency in a strongly coupled regime, I investigate various properties of this system that affect power output such as frequency, load resistance, and distance between ...
  • Guarini, Ascanio; Swartz, Kurtis (2016)
    We designed and built a photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor that obtains an optically measured signal that contains frequency information of the user's heart rate. This sensor can be used for non-invasive patient monitoring ...
  • Bielenberg, Ames (2013)
    This project aims to implement the technical infrastructure of a carsharing program. This is implemented using an embedded computer on-board the vehicle, and a server program running remotely.



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