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Language Policy for Education and Development in Tanzania

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dc.contributor.advisor Fernald, Theodore B. Sa, Eleuthera 2013-01-25T16:01:37Z 2013-01-25T16:01:37Z 2007
dc.description.abstract This paper examines language policy in Tanzanian schools and its effect on education, equality and economic development. I begin with an overview of language policy from colonization to the present, mapping out the relative positions of English and Swahili in education over the years. I go on to explore the failings of educational language policy as it now stands, focusing on the jarring transition from Swahili-medium primary school to Englishmedium secondary school. I highlight the most common arguments on both sides of the debate between English and Swahili in secondary schools. I then delve into the field of language economics, illustrating the procedure for finding the private return on language skills. I develop a model of an economy with excess demand for one particular language, applying it to the case of English in urban Tanzania. Although there is currently no data available to test this model I propose a basic outline for future research in the area. I go on to consider the macro effects of improved English education on the economy as a whole. Finally, I return to the question of how to fix the sequence of language education in Tanzanian schools in order to improve content learning and equity, guided by suggestions by Batibo (1990). I then evaluate the policy alternatives based on their expected effect on the quality of education and the distribution of income in Tanzania, and suggest some small measures the government could take if it chose to maintain the status quo. en
dc.description.sponsorship Swarthmore College. Dept. of Linguistics en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.rights Full copyright to this work is retained by the student author. It may only be used for non-commercial, research, and educational purposes. All other uses are restricted.
dc.title Language Policy for Education and Development in Tanzania en
dc.type Thesis (B.A.)

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