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    The 2020 Election: A Comparison to the Class of 1972 Boycott Event
    (2020-09-24) Haverford College. Multicultural Alumni Action Group; Garcia, Trachanda; Mehreteab, Ghebre Selassie; Pabarue, Jim; Davis, Michael A.; Lights, Grady; Williams, Juan; Christie, Ron
    This event sponsored by the Multicultural Alumni Action League (MAAG) featured a discussion of the Black Students League and Puerto Rican Students at Haverford's boycott of all non-academic activities at Haverford College during 1972, as well as a comparison of the boycott to the 2020 U.S. election. Panelists included Ghebre Selassie Mehreteab (Class of 1972), Jim Pabarue (Class of 1972), Michael A. Davis (Class of 1974), Grady Lights (Class of 1974), Juan Williams (Class of 1976), and Ron Christie (Class of 1991). This collection includes a video recording of the panel's discussion, brief bios of the panelists, a timeline of events leading up to the boycott, and notes on the event by Trachanda Garcia (Associate Director, Alumni and Parent Relations).
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    Sabrina Speaks
    (2019) Williams, Aretha
    "Sabrina Speaks," a memoir by Aretha Williams, Class of 1996, was created in conjunction with a final project and exhibit regarding the historic Haverford College Honor Council trial, "Charlie, Sabrina, Kelly, and Jill," for Professor Juli Grigsby's Anthropology course, "Race, Crime & Sexuality," taught in Spring 2018. The project was completed by Drew Cunningham ('20), Katie Leiferman ('20), Brittany Robinson ('20), Sarah Savonis ('20), and Amy Young (BMC).