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  • Blanco, Holden (2017)
    I’ve never been very good at drawing or painting. I always used to try to draw pictures of my family and friends, or my favorite fantasy movie characters. My pictures never came out exactly the way I wanted until I discovered ...
  • Risemberg, Annie (2013)
    I started photographing on 52nd Street in early 2010. I came to Bryn Mawr and Haverford from a low-income family and a diverse upbringing, and while I found the suburban community uncomfortable, I was drawn to the lively ...
  • Sanchez, Christine (2012)
    Graffiti, in its most common form—name tagging—has always been a part of my life. In middle school, my classmates always tagged things—desks, walls, backpacks, sneakers, and so on. They scribbled down their thoughts wherever ...
  • Cohen-Carroll, Natasha (2013)
    When I was young, I loved playing with my grandmother’s elbow skin; I was fascinated by the way in stayed in place, its elasticity, and the beautiful purple and green color of her veins. Her arm became a place of exploration ...
  • Delate, Tirsa (2016)
    Each time my mother has been diagnosed with cancer, the bond that we share has been tested. In the past, we always joked about her never getting colds, just cancer. Currently, she is undergoing treatment for her sixth ...



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