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  • Zucker, Matthew A. (Swarthmore College, 2013-06)
    During Alumni Weekend 2013, Assistant Professor of Engineering Matt Zucker discussed what teaching at Swarthmore has taught him about research, learning, and robotics.
  • He, Keliang; Martin, Elizabeth (2013)
    In recent years, CHOMP has found many applications in robotics research, as it combines motion planning and optimization. Its flexibility in initial trajectory enables it to solve many complex problems without pre- or ...
  • Taschuk, Greg (2013)
    The ability to interact with computers through methods other than keyboard and mouse has begun to shape the modern computing experience. Gesture Recognition shows significant promise as it offers an intuitive and personal ...
  • Ryan, Gabriel; Roelofs, Rebecca (2013)
    In mobile robot navigation, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) involves building a map of an unknown environment and determining the robot's position in the map at the same time. Several variations of the SLAM ...



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