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  • Vik, Christian (2019)
    Training agents to learn policies on complex problems has been computationally too expensive for a long time. Even after the advent of the neural network, the computational requirements exceeded the abilities of our ...
  • Nguyen, Timothy; Shah, Neeraj (2019)
    For our final engineering project, we wanted to explore a quality assurance problem related to networking. We successfully built a heat-map that intuitively displays the strength of wireless signals. The project has two ...
  • Studier, Greta (2019)
    I worked remotely for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for my semester-long senior engineering design project, designing a parking lot storage solution for sample tubes on a fetch rover as part of JPL’s Mars Sample ...
  • Macfarland, Neil; Weinthal, Noah (2015)
    The concept of a 'racing line' is an integral part of competitive racecar driving. While many drivers develop a sense for this optimal path around a racecourse intuitively, the physics governing basic vehicle dynamics ...
  • Liu, Ruisen (Eric) (2015)
    This project explores the design and implementation of walking patterns for humanoid robots. This report presents a brief introduction to human walking and the exploration of two walking pattern generation techniques for ...



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