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  • Schwartz, Barry, 1946- (Swarthmore College, 2009-04)
    For a generation, the United States, along with most of the West, was in the thrall of an ideology that asserted that the magic of market competition held the solution to every problem. But even the father of modern ...
  • Schwartz, Barry, 1946- (Swarthmore College, 2004-03-03)
    Americans value freedom of choice perhaps above all else, but as choices increase, they can be transformed from instruments of freedom into instruments of tyranny, threatening happiness, well-being, self-esteem, and optimism. ...
  • Schwartz, Barry, 1946- (Swarthmore College, 2014-10-07)
    "Why?" Some Puzzles of Motivation -- It is only logical that if people already have one reason to do something, and you give them a second reason to do that thing, their commitment will be greater, their effort will be ...



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