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  • Maryam, Aleena (2021)
    Keyboard-based lie detection systems are a relatively recent development. In this work, we overview some of the methods by which lie detection models using typing characteristics are created and in which we list methods ...
  • Mo, Jun (2021)
    Gait is the style or manner in which someone walks. The usage of gait analysis could lead to the next breakthrough in biometric authentication systems. Gait is an ideal biometric for authentication systems for non-intrusive ...
  • Hong, Yuxuan (2021)
    Research has made many advances in many fields of biometric systems. However, there is a lack of proper research in the performance evaluation field for biometric authentication systems. In this work, we synthesize key ...
  • Hernandez, Rudolf (2020)
    With 26% of people claiming that they spend at least 7 hours or more on their phone everyday in 2017, the implications of what we share on our mobile devices with third parties is a growing cause of concern for many users. ...



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