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  • Lauber, Katherine (2001)
    Stress-induced analgesia is a phenomenon that has been demonstrated on multiple occasions in humans in laboratory settings (Willer et al., 1981; Jungkunz et al., 1984). Most research on stress-induced analgesia in humans ...
  • Selsor, Margaret (2012)
    Prior research has shown how competition and exercise increase pain tolerance. However, the specific effects of cooperation in competition on pain sensitivity have not been thoroughly examined. In our study, we had 80 ...
  • Ferri, Josie (2012)
    The sharp decrease in pain sensitivity during and immediately following competition experienced by athletes is a quintessential example of stress-induced analgesia. While anecdotal evidence exists regarding this phenomenon, ...
  • Xiang, William W. (2012)
    Pain is often associated with athletic competition. Studies have shown that competition produced an analgesic effect in male and female athletes. However, analgesic effects in athletes and non-athletes in different levels ...
  • Gardner-Mims, William (2005)
    Competition in both an athletic environment and the laboratory have been shown to produce analgesic effects. Gender interactions are present in these manipulations, particularly in the laboratory. The current study looks ...



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