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  • Hirshman, Sam; Cadambi, Anjali (Swarthmore College, 2011-01-21)
    First, we hear from a journalist about the recent wave of attacks in Iraq. Next, we learn about an American soldier missing in action. Finally, we visit an art exhibit focused on the war in Afghanistan.
  • Leaked 
    Cadambi, Anjali; Hirshman, Sam (Swarthmore College, 2010-10-29)
    First, we hear about the difficulties of media reporting on the Iraq War Logs. Anjali Cadambi and Sam Hirshman report. Then, we speak with media critics about Wikileaks, the organization that releases classified military ...
  • Aranoff, Katie; Cadambi, Anjali (Swarthmore College, 2010-12-03)
    President Obama declared the end of combat missions in Iraq during an Oval Office address in August, saying the the U.S. had met its obligation in that country. But one American soldier remains missing in action, and his ...
  • Abromowitz, Madeleine; Cadambi, Anjali (Swarthmore College, 2009-10-02)
    This week on War News Radio, we hear about Iraqi refugees struggling to find a place in the American economy. Madeleine Abromowitz and Anjali Cadambi report. Then, we find out what life is like for the many Afghans disabled ...



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