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  • Biomes 
    Gillen, Daniel (2017)
    "Biomes" is a musical microcosm of the world's ecological, climatic, geographic, and cultural diversity. Through seven linked movements, this work is a modern take on the nineteenth-century aesthetic of the character piece ...
  • Seltzer, Nicholas (2015)
    Most of the music on my recital program is repertoire required for graduate auditions. However, the idea of having Takemitsu, Debussy, and Messiaen together on the program grew out of a project on the relationship between ...
  • Leto, Bruce (2014)
    For my thesis, I presented a multi-media senior project on March 28 -- a piano recital played simultaneously with a visual show that I put together with Microsoft Powerpoint. I performed piano works written by non-Italian ...
  • Ordiway, George (2016)



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