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  • Sullivan, Will; Gagnon, John (Swarthmore College, 2015-01-29)
    This week on War News Radio, an African Union joint-military force battles Boko Haram, Albanian nationals protest in Kosovo, Argentina announces a plan to dismantle its espionage programs, and more.
  • Sheth, Amber; Elliot, Leo (Swarthmore College, 2015-03-06)
    Last week on War News Radio, Iraq launched the largest military operation against ISIS since last June, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech before Congress, Boko Haram released a video earlier this week ...
  • Tupchong, Sarah; Kwok, Katherine (Swarthmore College, 2015-04-10)
    This week on War News Radio, updates on last week’s nuclear deal established between Iran, the United States, and five other nations, newly elected Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari pledged to spare no effort to defeat ...
  • Hrabar, Allison; Qin, Jerry (Swarthmore College, 2015-04-03)
    This week on War News Radio, at least 147 are dead and 79 injured after Islamist militants attacked a university in northeast Kenya, Iraq recaptured the city of Tikrit from ISIS, the Palestinian Authority officially became ...
  • Hageboutros, Joelle; Min, Kyungchan (Swarthmore College, 2015-02-20)
    This week on War News Radio, violence continued along the Niger-Nigeria border, United States District Judge Andrew Hanen ruled to temporarily halt President Obama’s plan to offer protection from deportation to undocumented ...
  • Clayton, Jay; Welsh, Tyler (Swarthmore College, 2015-04-17)
    This week on War News Radio, President Obama is removing Cuba from the United States sponsor of terrorism list, the terrorist group Al-Shabaab staged an attack on the Somalian Ministry of Higher Education in Mogadishu, ...
  • Tupchong, Sarah; Gagnon, John (Swarthmore College, 2015-03-27)
    This week on War News Radio, a coalition led by Saudi Arabia started airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen, a US announcement that it will join airstrikes against ISIS in the Iraqi city of Tikrit prompted over a third ...
  • Gagnon, John; Grennon, Evan (Swarthmore College, 2015-04-24)
    This week on War News Radio, Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen have entered a new stage, President Obama announced the deaths of two aid workers in Pakistan by US drone, new information on the strength of North Korean ballistic ...
  • Welsh, Tyler; Elliot, Leo (Swarthmore College, 2015-03-20)
    This week on War News Radio, Nigeria says it ousted Boko Haram from Bama, the second biggest city in Borno state, the Islamic State attacked oil fields, hospitals, and other major infrastructures in Libyan cities, at least ...
  • Kwok, Katherine; Clayton, Jay (Swarthmore College, 2015-02-27)
    This week on War News Radio, Nigeria president Goodluck Jonathan announced progress in the campaign against Boko Haram, tribal leaders and human rights activists reported that Islamic State militants have taken over 200 ...
  • Hrabar, Allison; Clayton, Jay (Swarthmore College, 2015-05-01)
    This week on War News Radio, peaceful demonstrations and riots broke out in Baltimore, Saudi Arabian-led airstrikes destroyed one of Yemen’s last operational airports, the Nigerian army freed 200 girls and 93 women from ...
  • Noray, Asma; Okabe-Jawdat, Dylan (Swarthmore College, 2014-04-11)
  • Marshall-Hallmark, Pendle; Batten, Caroline (Swarthmore College, 2014-04-18)
  • Welsh, Tyler; Bailin, Nora (Swarthmore College, 2014-04-25)
  • DiPierro, Amy; Gagnon, John (Swarthmore College, 2014-12-05)
    This week on War News Radio, Boko Haram is suspected in a deadly attack on the Nigerian city of Damaturu, an Egyptian judge sentenced almost 200 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death, a United Nations report found ...
  • Richter, Kai; Yang, Rachel (Swarthmore College, 2014-02-13)
  • Andrabi, Aneesa; Batten, Caroline (Swarthmore College, 2014-02-21)
  • Hrabar, Allison; Zhang, Henry (Swarthmore College, 2014-02-28)
  • Okabe-Jawdat, Dylan; Qin, Jerry (Swarthmore College, 2014-01-23)
  • Clayton, Jay; Morell, Sara (Swarthmore College, 2015-01-23)
    This week on War News Radio: the Yemeni government resigns, DRC protests against election delays, the Islamic State threatens new hostages and more.



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